UK Judge Conference November 2021 shipping

All about shipping

This explains the process, costs, and rationales for shipping at the November 2021 UK Online Judge Conference.


Options and costs

In line with Judge Academy requirements, shipping is free of charge, wherever you are in the world. All items will be shipped by Royal Mail, the UK postal service. Unfortunately, given the number of attendees, I am unable to make individual exceptions.

Timed/called drafts

At large events such as GPs and Nationals, it is common for there to be a timed draft with a judge calling instructions so that everyone drafts in synchronisation. Here is a summary of how this will work.

This site

This site is currently a dumping ground for reference material that I type for people and don't have anywhere else to put.

Merlin Annual Passholder FAQ

This is a beta FAQ page for the Facebook group Merlin Annual Passholders Group Premium and Standard Members Chat. It is entirely a personal endeavour and not endorsed by the group admins, Merlin Entertainment, or anyone else.

Abbreviations: SP = Standard pass, PP = Premium pass, VP = VIP pass, AP = any Annual pass

Disneyland Dream Card benefits

1) 10% off restaurants in the parks and hotels.
- Includes cafés but not snack carts
- Also valid at Annette's, La Grange, New York Style Sandwiches, Café Mickey, and The Steakhouse.
- Not valid at McDonald's, Starbucks, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood, Ludwig's, or Rainforest Café
- No discount on alcoholic beverages nor at any bars.
- Discount is cumulative with any other offers
- Cardholder must be dining and paying
- Cardholder will receive a complimentary non-alcoholic welcome cocktail at table service restaurants.

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