Timed/called drafts

At large events such as GPs and Nationals, it is common for there to be a timed draft with a judge calling instructions so that everyone drafts in synchronisation. Here is a summary of how this will work.

This site

This site is currently a dumping ground for reference material that I type for people and don't have anywhere else to put.

Disneyland Dream Card benefits

1) 10% off restaurants in the parks and hotels.
- Includes cafés but not snack carts
- Also valid at Annette's, La Grange, New York Style Sandwiches, Café Mickey, and The Steakhouse.
- Not valid at McDonald's, Starbucks, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood, Ludwig's, or Rainforest Café
- No discount on alcoholic beverages nor at any bars.
- Discount is cumulative with any other offers
- Cardholder must be dining and paying
- Cardholder will receive a complimentary non-alcoholic welcome cocktail at table service restaurants.

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