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Merlin Annual Passholder FAQ

This is a beta FAQ page for the Facebook group Merlin Annual Passholders Group Premium and Standard Members Chat. It is entirely a personal endeavour and not endorsed by the group admins, Merlin Entertainment, or anyone else.

Abbreviations: SP = Standard pass, PP = Premium pass, VP = VIP pass, AP = any Annual pass

Can I get in the parks early if I have an annual pass?
Yes at Alton Towers where early ride time (ERT) starts at 9am. No at any other park.
Should I pre-book when using my annual pass?
Yes for London Dungeon and Shrek's Adventure – you may have a long wait or even be unable to get in at all if you do not. Everywhere else you can just turn up. At the Coke London Eye PP and VP can use the fast track entrance and at Sea-Life London they can use the premium entrance C.
Where can I get/use an annual Photo Pass/Digipass?
These are available to AP holders at Legoland Windsor, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, and Chessington World of Adventures. They cost £50. Holders of APs for a single park can get a pass for that park only for £40. No, you can't use the Digipass at the Coke London Eye, Madame Tussaud's, the Dungeons, Sealife, your local Tesco's, etc. Only the four theme parks mentioned.

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